Our Health and Safety Procedures:

– Our staff members wear masks at drop off and pick up when 6 ft. distance cannot be maintained. It is extremely important for us to continue to teach the intricacies of social and emotional development through facial expressions. Children at these ages are developing their language skills and are refining their speech patterns. It is crucial that they can hear the teacher’s pronunciation and enunciation and be able to see how they’re forming the sounds by watching their mouths. Masks massively hinder that process, and will be worn only when absolutely necessary throughout the day (interaction with parents). Independence staff who have exemptions, under Executive Order 147, from wearing masks, will maintain a respectful distance when interacting with parents for more than a few minutes.

– Only staff and students are permitted in the building. Drop-off and pick-up will be conducted out front or on the playground.

– COVID-19 screening questions must be cleared before entering the building.

–  Everyone washes their hands upon arrival, before going outside, after coming back in, before snack and lunch, and before nap at the bare minimum. If a child puts their hands in their mouth or nose, they are then asked to wash their hands. Our hand washing practices have always been of utmost importance and are the best way for us to keep everyone healthy.

– We spend many hours outdoors during the day so we are not in a confined space more than necessary. We know that sunlight and Vitamin D are good for immune system! We hold healthy living at utmost importance. Our handbook outlines our value on nutritious snacks and lunches. We believe nourishing our children with whole unprocessed foods is a strong foundation for healthy bodies and minds. We encourage drinking plenty of water

– We ask that parents report, via email, to IA when a person who has either attended school or has dropped off/picked up a child, has tested positive. A courtesy email will be sent out notifying parents that a child or their family member has tested positive. If a student or staff member tests positive, we will call the Harnett County Health and Human Services Department, in accordance with NC DHHS Guidelines, to get further guidance.

– Classrooms are cleaned throughout the day to ensure surfaces are properly cleaned.  The school is thoroughly cleaned every weekend.

– Nap sheets/blankets are sent home on Friday for washing.

– If a child is not feeling well they come to the office, have their temperature taken and parents are notified.  In accordance with NC DHHS requirements, anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater must be fever free for 3 days, without medication, before returning to school.

As this situation evolves, our guidelines and procedures may change. We will update all families if/when procedures change.