Ms. Beth
Monday or Wednesday 3:05pm-4:00pm 
Art class explores different mediums and techniques. The students are given a brief lesson on a topic, such as the color wheel (complimentary colors etc.) and their project puts these skills into action.


Ms. Christine

Tuesday  3:05-3:35pm

Music teaches the beginnings of reading music and using basic instruments. it also introduces fundamental concepts like beat and tempo.

Sports and Agility

Ms. Christine

 Thursday 3:05-4:00pm

Sports and agility includes learning basic sports skills, playing active games and agility courses.


Ms. Nakelle

Thursday 3:05-3:35pm

Yoga is a fun class that includes basic yoga poses and some games incorporating yoga poses.


Ms. Lynette with Hola Friends

Friday 3:05-4:00pm

Spanish Immersion is provided by our partnership with Hola Friends USA. It is a fun and interactive class of games, songs, and arts and crafts.

Dance: Carolina Performing Arts Studio

Wednesday 3:15-3:55pm

The Jazz/Ballet Dance class is a program provided by Carolina Performing Arts Studio. It teaches basic ballet and dance skills. Further descriptions and registration can be found on their website.