After School Specials Fall ’23-’24 (September 5th – December 1st)


Monday 3:05pm-4:00pm $32
Wednesday 3:05-4:00pm $32
Art class explores different mediums and techniques. The students are given a brief lesson on a topic, such as the color wheel (complimentary colors etc.) and their project puts these skills into action.


Tuesday 3:05pm-4:00pm $37
Thursday 3:05-4:00pm $37

Spanish Immersion is a fun and interactive class of games, songs, and arts and crafts.


Friday 3:05pm-4:00pm $32

Music will be a fun, interactive class full of loud music created by the students and a place to share your awesome dance skills.


Wednesday 3:05-4:00pm $37

French will focus on teaching this language through fun activities, crafts, and games!


Tuesday 3:05pm-4:00pm $32
* Must be at least 4 years old to enroll

Soccer will consist of games to get students familiar with the ball and the goal, then end with full on soccer games!


Thursday 3:05pm-4:00pm $42
* Must be at least 4 years old to enroll

STEM will teach students about science, technology, engineering, and math with a focus on fun! Arts & Crafts will be used to help emphasize innovation, problem solving, and critical thinking!

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Children three years old and older are welcome to enroll in After School Specials!