After School Specials


Friday 3:05pm-4:00pm 
Art class explores different mediums and techniques. The students are given a brief lesson on a topic, such as the color wheel (complimentary colors etc.) and their project puts these skills into action.


Wednesday  3:05-3:35pm

Music teaches the beginnings of reading music and using basic instruments. It also introduces fundamental concepts like beat and tempo.

Sports and Agility

 Thursday 3:05-4:00pm

Sports and agility includes learning basic sports skills, playing active games and agility courses.




Tuesday 3:05-4:00pm

Spanish Immersion is a fun and interactive class of games, songs, and arts and crafts.

Dance: Carolina Performing Arts Studio

Thursday 3:05-4:00pm

The Jazz/Ballet Dance class is a program provided by Carolina Performing Arts Studio. It teaches basic ballet and dance skills. Further descriptions and registration can be found on their website.


Children three years and older are welcome to enroll in After School Specials! Please email to enroll or join the waiting list.