Our teachers are collaborators in the environment. As collaborators they support the child’s natural development by encouraging independence in a natural and gentle way as toddlers begin to form their character, self esteem, social skills, and learning process. Our rooms hold shelves with carefully chosen activities that will provoke exploration of children’s ideas and concepts. Shelves are rich with materials to encourage language development, art, fine motor, and imaginative play. Materials will change as the children’s questions and inquiries lead to new discoveries. The playground features beautiful materials and natural exploration. The grounds also feature garden boxes and plenty of time to cultivate their classroom garden. The children also learn about weather, seasons, plants, animals, and insects from their organic garden. The classroom adventures out on supervised nature walks to cultivate their innate curiosity of the outdoors.

2 – 3 Years Old

16:2 Student/Teacher Ratio

5 Day Program: 8:30am-3pm

3 Day Program: 8:30am-12:30pm

2 Day Program: 8:30am-12:30pm

The society of toddlers is a busy one, but unhurried. We divide the room into areas, to help focus the child’s attention and interests. The practical life skills that toddlers are learning are many. There is space to focus on personal hygiene, including dress and undressing skills, and mastering toilet training. Children need not be potty trained to enter The Flower Rooms; our teachers will guide them in developing their independence. All food is brought from home with the child daily, including a morning snack. The children will learn to open and unzip their lunches and tidy up their area after they’ve finished eating. Our room holds shelves with carefully chosen activities that will match the developmental stages of the child. Shelves are rich with materials to encourage language development, art, music, and manipulative play. Everything is designed to help the child refine skills that are based on real-life activities. We also include a soft place to rest quietly and peacefully, whether it’s during nap time, or if a child feels they need to take a break.

Classroom Photos