Program Descriptions

The Inde Nature School is immersed outdoors among the pines on our sprawling 13 acres of land. We offer two programs:

Inde Explorers (3.5-6 yrs)

Inde Elementary (must be 5 years old by the start of the school year)

Inde Explorers

 Inde Explorer Sparrows: 3.5-6 years old 


5 day M-F

3 day MTW

2 day ThF

Inde Explorer Starlings: 3.5-6 years old 


5 day M-F

3 day MTW

2 day ThF

Children are invited to explore, create and discover within their natural surroundings. Each morning children are greeted by our flock of chickens, our friendly ducks, and our sweet little piggies! New treasures can be found each day and evolve with the changing of the seasons. As discoveries are made, questions will emerge, and these questions will guide the curriculum. Following the children’s interests and inquiries will support a growing love of learning. Children will have the opportunity to build and grow their classroom by moving logs and rocks around and by tending the garden. On the days when Mother Nature brings us severe inclement weather (a little rain means lots of puddle jumping!), children will escape inside to their cozy classroom or the Backyard Clubhouse on the main campus where they will be engaged with activities and crafts indoors until harsh weather conditions subside. Children should be prepared for the outdoors when they arrive with bug spray and sunscreen already applied. They will need weather appropriate clothing, changes of clothes, and accessories such as rain boots, glove etc. There is no bad weather just improper clothing!

Building a deep connection with nature at a young age will help cultivate a lasting respect for the outdoors and provide a lifetime foundation of embracing the great outdoors. When we say “nature school” we mean we’re out in nature! Our Inde Nature Clubhouse is out in the woods- “off the grid”! This allows us to truly embrace the great outdoors and learn to thrive without every modern amenity.

Inde Elementary

Inde Elementary: must be 5 years old by the start of the school year


5 day M-F

We use the Oak Meadow Curriculum to cover all NC Education Standards, as well as a few additional topics such as Gardening & Indoor Plant Care, Music & Movement, Cooking & Nutrition, Spanish, Agriculture, and Farm Care (Chickens, Ducks & Piggies)! Our classroom has an 20 students: 2 teachers ratio in order to allow 1-on-1 learning, as well as to have opportunities to blend the grade levels together for subjects! Our Nature House allows for students to be indoors during inclement weather while still having the feeling of being surrounded by the outdoors with plants everywhere! Instead of traditional schooling that has students sitting at a desk with a textbook, this program focuses on comfort and creativity! Grab a comfy pillow to find a quiet spot to read, have your clipboard in hand as you explore the surrounding wooded areas, join the group for a snack at the family style table. What will you discover with us as you Explore Beyond Four Walls?

“Oak Meadow understands that students learn in many different ways: some by doing, others by listening, still others by seeing or reading. Because our curriculum is designed to address a variety of learning styles, children are able to engage fully with the materials, learn successfully, and enjoy the learning process.”

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