Program Description

The Tree Rooms: The Oak Room, The Magnolia Room and The Maple Room embody mixed age groups to support social, emotional development and peer interactions. The shelves feature a wide variety of beautiful, hands-on, and thought-provoking learning materials to encourage children to explore new ideas and concepts.

Sounds and symbols are introduced to help lay the groundwork for reading and writing; numbers are introduced using concrete materials that are both engaging and thought provoking. Project subjects are inspired by the children’s curiosity and teacher observations.

The robust playground features beautiful materials and structures for natural exploration and open-ended play. The playground also encompasses large pines that offer shade on our sunny Carolina days, as well as garden boxes for the children to cultivate and learn about growth cycles.

3 – 6 Years Old, Pre-K 

5 Day Program: 8:30am-3pm

Maximum student/teacher ratio: 17:2


Classroom Description

The Tree Room program is highly individualized, and our classroom allows your child to find which activity is best suited for him or her at the moment. By engaging in the unique learning activity of their choice, the child is able to practice focus and concentration.

The Tree Room’s are where children learn how to problem solve conflicts, act politely in social situations, and how to be kind and helpful through “grace and courtesy” exercises and Conscious Discipline modeling. Our mixed aged class allows children to learn either independently, by following examples from older classmates, or through helping younger students with a variety of activities.

Our classroom is a mix of self-directed activity as well as group activity and play. Our teachers may gather students to sing songs or read stories about social, biological, geographical, and historic themes. We feature a wide variety of beautiful, hands-on, and scientifically designed learning materials to help children fully grasp each new skill and concept. There are many provocations displayed to invoke critical thinking and “outside the box” learning.

The goal in The Tree Room is to instill in the children that learning in a life long process and is to be explored, experienced and embodied. It is not a one size fits all approach. Our goal is to help children develop their sense of self by giving them the space to ask questions, invoke thought, and allow them the freedom to guide the learning process.

Classroom Photos